What We Do

As a specialist provider of commercial litigation funding MLS is able to fund a range of actions including Professional Negligence, Insolvency, Tax, Breach of Contract, Misrepresentation, and Arbitration, etc.

MLS will provide funding for the following legal expenses:

  • Solicitors fees
  • Barristers fees
  • Expert Witness Fees
  • ATE insurance premiums
  • Security for costs orders
  • General disbursements

MLS commits to:

  • Providing a flexible pricing structure.
  • Consider funding applications where the value of claim is £500,000 and above, although we may agree to fund lower claims.
  • Pay on a monthly basis, throughout the life of the case, the claimants' agreed costs.
  • Meet the costs it has agreed to fund in the event that the litigation is not successful, thereby removing the financial risk to the claimant.
  • Enable the claimant to proceed with a case secure in the knowledge that it will be funded through to trial.
  • To all agreed future payments of fees and costs up to and including trial.
  • Pay the ATE insurance premium in advance.

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