MLS provides litigation funding for all types of claimants wishing to pursue substantial claims through litigation in the UK.

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Managed Legal Solutions (MLS) is a specialist provider of litigation funding. We look to fund a range of actions including professional negligence, insolvency, tax, breach of contract, tort, matrimonial and private client claims.

All MLS funding is supplied on non-recourse basis. Following a successful claim MLS will take an agreed share of the claim proceeds. If the claim is unsuccessful MLS will not seek to recover its investment from the claimant.

MLS's two-step funding process offers timely and reliable funding. Any request for funding will initially be reviewed in-house. If all relevant documentation is provided with the application, an in principal funding offer can normally be made within 10 working days.

Funding in practice

About Litigation Funding

The costs involved in litigation can often be high. On some occasions even claimants with the strongest of cases may withdraw from an action or decline to issue proceedings because of the huge financial implications litigation can bring. Managed Legal Solutions (MLS) provides non-recourse litigation funding that offers claimants an alternative solution. MLS will provide funding for agreed legal and associated costs in litigating a claim. In return for funding a case, if the claim is successful MLS will take an agreed share of the claimant's litigation proceeds. If, however, the claim is unsuccessful, the claimant will have nothing to repay.